These publications were developed with support of the Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government project, implemented by GIZ Moldova with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia
Overview of the region's key facts on Economic Potential and Investment Opportunities
24 NOVEMBER 2021
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The best way to learn about outsourcing opportunities in the region
30 NOVEMBER 2021
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This publication is about general overview of the agriculture sector and food processing industry, investment opportunities and additional subsidiary measures, as well as international trade of the goods.
30 NOVEMBER 2021
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This Publication is about competitive advantages of the region, Economic cooperation and Free Trade Agreements, manufacturing industry overview, Free Economic Zones (FEZ) and operating costs.
29 NOVEMBER 2021
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IT Investment Profiles
Discover the local ICT companies success stories and suppliers contacts
18 JUNE 2021
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BPO & SSC Investment Profiles
In a nutshell, all the necessary information on local benefits for BPO/SSC investment
18 JUNE 2021
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21 JUNE 2021
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21 JUNE 2021
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Our partners’ publications

REPUBLIC of MOLDOVA - Opportunities nearby
Moldova's overall economic outlook, trade potential, FDI realities and top reasons to invest
30 DECEMBER 2021
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Electronics Sector Overview
Contains information about competencies in the sector, R&D in Nanotechnology, Virtual Park Incentives for Electronics and Favorable Business Climate.
12 NOVEMBER 2021
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Size: 8247 KB
Food Processing and Livestock
This Publication is about Domestic Sector overview, Organic Agriculture and Bio Energy Production, main Trade Agreements and Investment Opportunities.
23 DECEMBER 2021
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ICT Sector Overview
Discover the development perspectives, talent pool, average wages, infrastructure and telecommunications
26 NOVEMBER 2021
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