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How to set up a company in Gagauzia?

The creation of a business entity in Moldova involves registration in State Register of Legal Entities, which is maintained by the State Registration Chamber of the Ministry of Justice. The State Registration Chamber registers LLC / JSC within five working days (general term) or four hours - one day (expedited procedure) for the submission of all necessary documents. More information here

How much does it cost to establish a company?

Fees payable to the State Registration Chamber for the registration of LLC, range from 60 to 130 euros, depending on the procedure used (total or accelerated). Accordingly, the cost of registering a joint-stock company varies from 75 to 170 euros.

Need a visa / residence permit?

The Bureau of Migration and Asylum deals with visa issues and residence rights. For more details on the procedure for submitting the necessary documents, you can find here

Would you like to know more about taxation in Moldova?

Tax rate type:
Personal income tax -12%
Corporate income tax:

  • (CIT) 12%
  • 7% for farming enterprises
  • 6% in FEZ
  • 3% within free port
  • Social Security:
  • 6% for an employee
  • 18% for the employer
  • Medical insurance:
  • 4,5% for an employee
  • 4,5% for the employer
  • Value-added tax:
  • 20% standard rate
  • 10% for HORECA
  • 6% for natural gases
  • 8%, i.e. pharmaceutical products
  • 0% international shipping
  • Unique tax on companies resident in IT Park:
  • 7%