Investment and Opportunities

WHY GAGAUZIA?                    

Multilingual population

Gagauzia offers a qualified and multilingual workforce thanks to four spoken languages ​​most widespread in the region: Gagauz, Russian, Turkish and Romanian. Comrat State University annually graduates 400 graduates. The available skilled, multilingual workforce can be high in demand in trade regimes in which the Republic of Moldova is involved. Service and export to the EU, CIS and Turkey can be produced easily, duty-free and without language barriers.

Special legal status

In accordance with its special legal status, Gagauzia is an Autonomous Territorial Unit (ATU) with the right to make decisions in economic and fiscal policy.

ATU Gagauzia "Investments Law"

Adopted on August 9, 2016, it stimulates the attraction of investments from 5 million lei (creation of at least 10 jobs), guaranteeing investment protection and support

Doing Business ranking 2020

Moldova is constantly improving its business climate, being well positioned in the Doing Business ranking in 2020, 48th out of 190 countries.

Communication infrastructure

Telecommunications infrastructure in Gagauzia is very well developed, with excellent coverage in both wired and wireless communications. Landline is available everywhere, however the number of mobile subscriptions is growing very fast compared to the landline. There are 3 telecommunication companies offering 3G/4G to their customers.


The Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” represents an attractive investment platform for your business offering many incentives and excellent geographic location which gives you the opportunities to export to EU and CIS countries on favorable terms.

FEZ "Valkanesh" and sub-zones of Comrat and Ceadir-Lunga offer additional preferences, including the income tax rate in the FEZ is 6%, a customs service unit on site operating 24/7, 0% VAT on imported equipment, etc. We are ready to cooperate in an atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit. We are here to provide you necessary support in your business development and I am confident that the administration of Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” will become your reliable partner in Moldova. The Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” is your place to grow!

Mihail Salvir
Chief Administrator of Free Economic Zone “Valkanes”

Vulcanești subzone

Comrat subzone

Ciadâr-Lunga subzone


0% CIT
for a period 3 (5) years when investing at least 1 (5) million USD
0% VAT
no Excise and Customs duties
State guarantee on legislation changes
Customs office on site
Road and utilities infrastructure
EU border green lane (AEO)
Dual vocational system
Ongoing professional support by FEZ Administration
0.6 – 1.5 euro/m2 land sales prices
EUR/USD payments among FEZ residents
Minimal state inspection and control regime


As of 2019

Working age population (15 to 63 years old) 90,133 people
(61.8% of the total population)
Employment rate (ratio of the employed to the working age population) 35.1%
Average monthly gross wage 398 EUR/month
Full load labor cost per hour 2.60 EUR/ hour
Minimum wage 150 EUR/ month
Based on the industrial experience and history of the Republic of Moldova, the labor resources of Gagauzia are distinguished by low cost and high productivity. Despite the average age of the Gagauz population, which is 37.5 years, companies operating in the region have the opportunity to develop their business with the help of qualified specialists who speak many languages. The cultural diversity of Gagauzia is rich in traditions and is based on openness, flexibility, tolerance, focus on results and hospitality.




Ceadir - Lunga





Available workforce across districts, 2019
Working age population
Source: General Department of Economic Development and Tourism of ATU Gagauzia
Employment by economic sectors, 2019 (%)
Agriculture – 18%
Industry - 18%
Trade - 15%
Education - 15%
Health - 8%
Government agencies - 5%
Municipal services - 3%
Transport services - 2%
Construction - 2%
Others - 14%
Source: General Department of Economic Development and Tourism, ATU Gagauzia


Law on Investments in Gagauzia

This law defines the legal and economic framework for investment preferences, guarantees the protection of investor’s rights, defines measures to support investments by public authorities, and provides arbitration of investors involving disputes.

Investment preferences are applied in the following areas: Manufacturing, Agri-Food & Livestock, Infrastructure, Energy efficiency and Renewable energy sources, Informational Technologies, Tourism and Hotel services.

Investment incentives

Provision of natural grants by local public authorities – transfer of land, buildings and constructions, machinery, equipment and vehicles;

Investment subsidies – reimbursement of up to 30% of investments but limited to 5 million MDL (ca. 250 000 EUR) of the actual costs for construction and installation works, purchasing of equipment without VAT;

Reimbursement of up to 50% of the costs of training or retraining of industrial sector personnel;

Job creation subsidy - provision of 20 000 MDL (ca. 1000 EUR) for each new created job. The main criteria is to create 10+ jobs in manufacturing industry;

Agricultural subsidies (additional to national subsidies) – reimbursement of procured agricultural equipment and technological re-equipment, planting material, procurement of breeding animals from certified farms. (see more...).

One-stop shop principle - assistance provided to investors in the collection and preparation of documents by reducing the time for issuing permits.

Image Building
Lead Generation
Marketing Materials
Inter-mediaries Networking

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3. Organization

7. Monitoring

6. After-care / policy advice

5. Investment facilitation

4. Implementation

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