About Gagauzia

Land of the sun

Geographical position of Gagauzia
Gagauzia, or Gagauz Yeri, officially ATU Gagauzia (Autonomous Territorial Unit) - is an integral part of the Republic of Moldova, located in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova and belongs to the southern economic and geographical region of the country. It has production and economic ties with the Cahul, Cantemir, Taraclia and Bessarabian regions of the Republic of Moldova. In the east, the autonomy borders on the Odessa region of Ukraine.

ATU Gagauzia, as well as the Republic of Moldova as a whole, is located in the Central European time zone, that is, +2 hours (deviation from Greenwich).
Climate, relief, soil
The territory of ATU Gagauzia is located in the Budzhak steppe, which is part of the South Moldavian hilly plain. Its surface is dissected by wide valleys, and its slopes are indented by numerous ravines. The relief of the region is characterized by steppes and small hills; there are also small rivers Yalpug, Yalpuzhel, Lunga and Lungutsa. Gagauzia, like Moldova, is located in the Carpathian seismic zone.

The total area of ​​agricultural land is about 150 thousand hectares. The soil in ATU Gagauzia is represented by calcareous chernozems - 65.4 thousand hectares and typical low-humus chernozems - 63.4 thousand hectares. The climate is warm, the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius or more persists for 179-187 days, which is much longer than in other parts of Moldova. The sum of active temperatures is 3300 degrees. Average rainfall is 350-370 mm. The geothermal coefficient is 0.7-0.8 annually. This is the reason why autonomy often suffers from winds. The characteristic features of the climate determine the specialization and structure of agricultural production in ATU Gagauzia. Water resources in ATU Gagauzia are mainly represented by groundwater sources with a volume of 8-10 million m3. Surface sources are limited. On the territory of Gagauzia there are two large reservoirs: Comrat - with a water surface area of ​​1.7 km2 and Kongaz - 4.9 km2. On the territory of ATU Gagauzia, the reserves of minerals are insignificant and are represented by sand, clays, and insignificant deposits of brown coal have been discovered, which lies in thin layers, of poor quality and its production is not profitable.
Population - 155.646 people.
Percentage of female population - 51.2%
Percentage of male population - 48.8%

National composition of the population of Gagauzia:
gagauz - 82.1%
bulgarians - 5.1%
moldovans - 4.8%
russians - 3.8%
ukrainians - 3.2%
others - 1%.
Most of the population - 62.6% - lives in rural areas (97 thousand people). The number of urban residents is 58.2 thousand people. The age structure of the population of Gagauzia is the average age of 34.6 years.

Under working age - 34,554 people; of working age - 100,020 people; over working age - 21.008. In all sectors of the economy of Gagauzia, the employed population - 29.2% - work in agriculture, 13.8% - in industry, 16.8% - in education, 6.6% - in healthcare. For every 1,000 residents aged 10 and over in terms of education, there are: 69 people with higher education, 98 people with a secondary specialized education, 306 people with a general secondary education, 285 people with a general compulsory education, 179 people with a primary education.


The leading industries in Gagauzia are agriculture and food industry (winemaking and production of canned fruits and vegetables), textile, clothing and footwear industries. For decades, Gagauzia has been widely known for its agricultural potential and traditions, defined by the shared multinational values in the region.
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GDP at current prices, 2019 10,262 billion EUR
GDP per capita (purchasing power parity), 2019 13 574 USD
Inflation rate, 2019 5,25%
Economic growth, 2019 4%
Note: The data are for the Republic of Moldova






Industrial and agricultural production, 2011-2018 (million Euro)
Industrial production
Agricultural production
Source: General Directorate of Economic Development and Tourism of ATU Gagauzia


Nr Name of educational institution The number of students as of 2020/2021
1 Comrat State University 1820
2 Vocational school mun. Comrat 288
3 Comrat College M. Chakira 502
4 Vocational school mun. Ceadir-Lunga 428
5 Agricultural and technical college com. Light coloured 518
6 Vulcanesti vocational school 220
7 Youth training center 421