Construction of the PACKING HOUSE "AGRO-OGUZ" in mun. Comrat

In the industrial park of the city of Comrat, a plot has been allocated for the construction of the "Packing House", which will enable the agrarians of Gagauzia to better preserve their products and then sell them at favourable prices. "AGRO-OGUZ" is already a resident of the Industrial Park of Komrat municipality, with an area of ​​4.9 hectares of land, and also owns a town planning certificate that allows the design and construction of the complex.

The complex will include:

• refrigerating chambers with a storage capacity of 1500 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, or 1300 tons of table grapes; pre-cooling chambers;

• sorting and packing department;

• the total area of ​​the complex is over 3000 square meters.

Project concept: The construction of the "Packing House" in Comrat will increase the capabilities of local agricultural producers to sell their products in the following areas: export to the EU and CIS countries; implementation on the domestic market of Moldova through trade networks; the possibility of implementation on the territory of ATU Gagauzia in preschool and school educational institutions. The Packaging House will also allow you to sort and store the highest quality fruits and sell them with a higher added value.


Relevance of the project:

ü Good geographical location, near the highway of republican significance M3;

ü Developed infrastructure, the ability to connect to all necessary communications;

ü Long-term lease with the right to purchase a land plot;

ü The ability to establish a continuous supply of fresh products in the country and abroad.

The construction of the Packing House is an excellent prospect for agricultural producers in the region, including greenhouses, allowing small producers to unite to obtain a large volume of homogeneous products for export, for sale in retail chains, or supplies to preschool and school institutions in the region.