Trade House of Moldova in Israel
14 Jan 2021

Trade House of Moldova in Israel

13.01.2021 specialists of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of ATU Gagauzia held negotiations with the Head of the Trade House of Moldova in Israel. We discussed the perspectives for the entry of economic agents of the region and the promotion of domestic, Gagauz goods and services to the new, still undeveloped, but with high potential, Israel market.

The main directions of cooperation and interaction were determined, as well as new opportunities for entrepreneurs of Gagauzia, carrying out their activities in various spheres and sectors of the economy.

The Trade House of Moldova in Israel provides a wide range of services for our local and national business, which is aimed at ensuring a stable position of domestic goods in the Israel market and enhancing domestic and foreign economic activity.

InvestGagauzia, together with the Trade House, have common, important goals: the formation of an attractive image of the region, the promotion of exports and the attraction of investments in autonomy.