Organization for Entrepreneurship Development
08 Dec 2022

Organization for Entrepreneurship Development

On December 2, 2022, a presentation of all programs implemented by the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development in the Republic of Moldova took place in Gagauzia.

At the initiative of the Agency for attracting investments and promoting exports of ATU Gagauzia in mun. Comrat hosted a meeting of businessmen of the autonomy and specialists of Organizația pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului.

The head of the department of the Enterprise Development , Isae Spinu, presented all the programs that today support and finance small and medium-sized enterprises in Moldova:

- Start for youth;

- Women in business;

- Program for migrants (PARE 1+1);

- Enterprise greening program;

- Business digitalization program;

- Program for the development and internationalization of enterprises;

- Program of retechnological and energy efficiency improvement;

- Presentation of loan guarantees through the Credit Guarantee Fund.

All these and other programs were presented to about 40 entrepreneurs from Gagauzia. In addition, each participant was able to ask the question of interest to the expert and get a comprehensive answer.

“We hope that entrepreneurs from Gagauzia will be able to take advantage of the programs implemented by the Entrepreneurship Support Organization and receive additional funding for the development of their business. Our companies have always been very active, and we, if necessary, are always ready to help and support their initiatives,” said the Deputy Director of the Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Promotion of ATU Gagauzia.