Invest Gagauzia
Vulcănești Zone, FEZ "Valkaneș"
District Vulcănești
Town Vulcănești
Address 6 Korolenko str., MD-5301
Free Economic Zone
Data of the land
Area of the land 20 ha
Additional Information

FEZ “Valkaneș” is located in the proximity of 7 km to the East from the City center of Vulcănești. The FEZ has immediate connection to European road E584 connecting the cities of Poltava (UKR) and Galati (ROU). The subzone is delimited to the East along the railway route connecting Vulcănești with Chișniău and Black Sea port on Danube River. Out of the total area of the two subzones in Vulcănești (107 hectares), circa 20 hectares represents free buildable area on greenfield.