Invest Gagauzia
Ceadîr-Lunga Subzone, FEZ "Valkaneș"
District Ceadîr-Lunga
Town Ceadir-Lunga
Free Economic Zone
Data of the land
Area of the land 42 ha
Additional Information

The Subzone Ceadîr-Lunga is located in the northern part of Ceadîr-Lunga Municipality in the proximity of 3 km from the city center. The Greenfield of 42 hectares is situated in immediate proximity to the existing industrial zone of the Municipality. The Subzone has access to the National Roads R36 (Basarabeasca – Ceadîr-Lunga – Taraclia) and R37 (Ceadîr-Lunga – Comrat – Cantemir), and the railway route connecting the Municipality with Basarabeasca (railway customs crossing point with Ukraine) and the Black See port on Danube River.