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Address: Republica Moldova, UTA Gagauzia, or. Vulcăneşti, str. V. Korolenko 6


DK-Intertrade is one of the most technologically equipped full cycle wineries in Eastern Europe, located 25 km from the southernmost point of the Republic of Moldova in the Vulcanesti region.

The design capacity of the DK-Intertrade plant is up to 10 thousand tons of grapes per season, the capacity of the bottling line is 20 million bottles/year. The plant's equipment is made up of modern European production lines.

The production is completely autonomous: its own water (there are three artesian wells on the territory of the plant), a gas pipeline, a standby diesel generator, a boiler house for gas and diesel fuel, a refrigerating compressor unit and a railway branch, its own treatment facilities.

The Vulcanesti region has a hot and dry climate. Most of the vineyards are on limestone slopes that provide good drainage and a low pH in the grapes. Mineral composition of soils, layered alkaline chernozems, average annual temperature 9.0 - 9.9 C, precipitation 200-230 mm, and a mild climate near the Black Sea, all these allows you to achieve the maximum degree of ripening of grapes and a balance of sugar and acidity. Grapes from the Vulcanesti region produce bright, rich, but at the same time fresh balanced wines with pure fruit and floral tones.

Every year for more than 10 years, the company has been laying new vineyards in the south of the country, which ensures the production of its own high-quality raw materials and guarantees the consumer the highest quality of its wines.

For the production of wine, grapes are usually hand-picked. It is the hand-picking of grapes that allows you to get better quality raw materials and keep the vineyards in excellent condition.

The number of countries to which DK-Intertrade supplies is constantly expanding. In addition to the traditional markets of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, it includes Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and Nigeria. One of the most promising markets, where significant volumes of products are already going, is China.

All wines of the "Dionysus" company are of high quality and excellent organoleptic properties - this is recognized not only by ordinary consumers but also by market experts. In the last four years alone, Dionis Group of Companies has won more than 100 high awards and diplomas at prestigious exhibitions and professional tasting competitions.

The company "DIONIS GROUP" is one of the leaders in the alcohol market in Russia and the CIS countries.

The Dionis Group company was founded in 1994 and quickly took one of the leading positions in the alcohol market of the CIS countries, the Baltic States, and Eastern Europe. The strategic goal of the Company is the production of still and sparkling wines and other alcoholic beverages of the highest quality for a wide range of consumers. Today the company "Dionis Group" unites 3 modern production sites in Georgia and Moldova, supplies its products to more than 25 countries of the world. The Company's central office is located in Russia.

A balanced portfolio of private brands ensures the presence of the Company's products in all major and most promising market segments. The key brands of the Dionis Group are Kartuli Vazi, DIONIS CLUB.

Dionis Group products enjoy a well-deserved reputation among both market professionals and ordinary consumers. Hugh Johnson, the most authoritative world expert, the author of the sensational books: "The Annual Pocket Wine Guide", "The Great Wine Encyclopedia" and "The History of Wine", expressed a high opinion of the products of the Dionis Group. At various tasting competitions and international exhibitions, the Company's products have won more than 700 medals and diplomas.

Never stopping at what has been achieved, the Dionis Group company is constantly expanding the regions of its presence, offering the market new products, reaching new frontiers, setting new ambitious goals and achieving them.

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