International Investment Forum “Invest Gagauzia 360” 2019

The International Investment Forum “Invest Gagauzia 360” made a significant contribution to the implementation and support of innovative projects in the economic sector of the Autonomy, which in turn had a positive impact on the investment image of not only our region but also the Republic of Moldova as a county.

This year will be held V-th International Investment Forum on November 08-09 2019. Explore Gagauzia- Invest in Gagauzia

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Investment potential of ATU Gagauzia

The Gagauz autonomy has the authority to adopt its own legislation in order to implement economic reforms and to stimulate investment activity. This year, on the initiative of the Executive Committee, the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia adopted a new «Investments Law». Foreign and domestic enterprises that decide for investment in Gagauzia and open workplaces may take advantage of the regional law on investment, obtaining grants in-kind, preferences on taxes, investment subsidies for construction and installation works, for the creation of industrial and technical infrastructure as well as for the purchase of equipment. Gagauzia is an integral part of the Republic of Moldova, with functioning preferential trade regimes with the CIS and the European Union. On 1st November 2016, a comprehensive free trade regime with the Republic of Turkey came into force. Free trade area regimes offer excellent opportunities for investors by expanding their activity to Gagauzia. Investors can profit from trade opportunities in a 360o perspective.It is also important that Gagauzia has a favorable geographical location, natural and climatic conditions, modern logistics and infrastructure, and advanced legislation for the implementation of investment projects. The Authorities of the autonomy and the whole Gagauz nation are open for mutual beneficial cooperation and efficient development of new opportunities. Due to the competitive advantages that the region has, we feel confident to recommend some priority sectors for investment. These are agriculture and agro-processing, manufacturing, and business process outsourcing. However, of course, we do not want to limit ourselves only to these sectors.

There are many other attractive business fields, and you know your business best. In any case, we will be delighted if you decide to join us. Let us develop the economic potential of the Gagauz autonomy together. We invite you to Gagauzia – the region of new opportunities!

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Given the official start of the project “Support to local authorities in Gagauzia”

Today, March 28, 2018 in Comrat State University was  the official opening of the European Union program on support of local authorities “Support of local authorities in ATU Gagauzia”

The duration of the project is 24 months, the project budget is 3 million euros.

The main objective of the project -Support and empowering local authorities Gagauzia for the implementation and monitoring of development priorities in cooperation with the central authorities of Moldova.
The opening ceremony of the project was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip, the head of the EU delegation Peter Michalko, the Bashkan of Gagauzia Irina Vlach and the Chairman of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia Vladimir Kyssa.

European Union Provides Three Million Euros for the Advancement of ATU Gagauzia

Comrat, March 19, 2018 – The European Union (EU) has granted three million euros to Gagauzia’s local public authorities to further strengthen the social and economic development of the region.

On 28th of March at 10:00 a.m. a launch event of a project “Support to Local Public Authorities in ATU Gagauzia” as well a presentation of all EU supported projects in Gagauzia and their success stories will take place at Comrat State University.

Participants of the event will also have an opportunity to attend an exhibition of Gagauzia’s small and medium enterprises, supported by the EU funded program “Support to Agriculture and Rural Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD) and a thematic art exhibition, organized by the EU funded program “Gagauzian Modernization Convention” (GamCon).

The launch event will be attended by Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Irina Vlah, Governor of Gagauzia, Ambassador Peter Michalko, Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Vadim Ceban, the First Deputy President of the Executive Committee, heads of local public authorities, representatives and beneficiaries of EU funded projects in Gagauzia, representatives of civil society, entrepreneurs.

The aim of the Project is to support and enhance the capacity of local public authorities to advance Gagauzia’s development, particularly, to participate more effectively in national decision-making and planning processes, strengthen good governance principles, facilitate an open and continuous communication with society, and ensure that investments and infrastructure projects are sustainable and beneficial to citizens. Part of the provided funding will be used to finance several infrastructure projects and the development of local enterprises.

The project “Support to Local Authorities in ATU Gagauzia” is part of an EU financed program “Confidence Building Measures”. It will be implemented within a two-year period and is administered by the Executive Committee of Gagauzia.


Due to participation of high level officials we kindly ask you to register for the event until 10:00.

For further information contact:

Alexandru Bologa, Project Manager,

Support to Local Public Public Authorities in ATU Gagauzia

Phone: +373 69229717, e-mail:

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