Meeting of the Economic Council under the auspices of Bashkan of Gagauzia was held.
08 Apr 2021

Meeting of the Economic Council under the auspices of Bashkan of Gagauzia was held.

On April 02, 2021, a meeting of the Economic Council under the auspices of Bashkan of Gagauzia was held.

All countries of the world faced acute economic problems and problems associated with the evolution of the pandemic. And the approach of each state to these challenges will determine what its future will be. This was stated by Irina Vlah Bashkan of Gagauzia, speaking at a meeting of the Economic Council.

“Even with small steps, today we can make sure that tomorrow's Gagauzia and Moldova are more developed, with a more competitive economy, with cleaner villages and cities. I am sure that we can make Moldova a country from which people do not leave, ” - the Head of Gagauzia emphasized.

“We need new approaches in the social sphere and in economic activity. We must build a society based on mutual respect and mutual assistance, it is necessary to reduce social and economic inequality and create more opportunities to involve people in useful social and economic activities,”- Bashkan said.

To order products manufactured in Gagauzia "with one click". The idea of ​​creating an appropriate online platform was proposed at a meeting of the Economic Council under the auspices of Bashkan of Gagauzia.

“It would be great to have a common center, for example, (Made in Gagauzia), which would allow you to select a product in one click and instantly get it for use in business and promotion,” suggested entrepreneur Serghei Grigor, who operates in the HoReCa field. The businessman stated that during the pandemic, the catering sector suffered the most.

Dmitry Voloshin, the founder of the Simpals company, responded to this proposal.

“On our website, we support our national manufacturer. Why not make a section that contains all the Gagauz goods? I am ready to discuss it, and with pleasure to do it, completely free of charge,” Mr. Voloshin noted.

The main task of the work of the Economic Council at Bashkan is the opening of Gagauzia for Moldova and the opening of the World for Gagauzia. This is the opinion of the well-known Moldovan businessman Igor Ganea, who has already launched an investment project in the region.

It is important noting that Igor Ganea, at the meeting of the Economic Council, spoke about the prospects of beekeeping in Gagauzia, noting that in 10 years the autonomy will come out on top in the country for the production of this product.

The member of the Economic Council, journalist, blogger Pavel Zingan, summarizing his participation in the post of the social network, noted: “Resume? An example of how the regions of Moldova should communicate with Chisinau businessmen, so that in such a small country like ours, it would not turn out that the distance from Chisinau business to regional business is like from the Earth to the Moon. "

At the meeting of the Economic Council at the Bashkan of Gagauzia, ways of attracting resources for the socio-economic development of the region in the context of pandemic and economic crises were considered.