Graduates of the Technical University of Moldova
12 Jul 2022

Graduates of the Technical University of Moldova

Head of Gagauzia Irina Vlah met with graduates of the Technical University of Moldova - participants of the regional program for the provision of educational grants. The meeting was held jointly with Invest Gagauzia in Tekvil Comrat.

Since 2018, with the financial support of the Executive Committee, 74 students from Gagauzia have entered the Technical University. This year, the first graduates graduated from the training - more than 20 students from the autonomy.

Students from Gagauzia graduated in 2022 in such specialties as architecture, construction, microelectronics and nanotechnology, design, IT sector, engineering and vehicle technology.

The authorities of the autonomy offered young professionals jobs in several areas: in public service bodies, in IT companies, manufacturing enterprises and in a number of other companies, including those with foreign capital.

“I am sure that each of you will become a positive example for all young people who are just graduating from lyceums and are at the stage of choosing their future path. Today you are no longer students, you are ready-made specialists who have matured and accumulated precious knowledge and skills that you can implement at home in Gagauzia. We must invest our knowledge in the development of the economy of our region and our country, and not the economy of foreign countries. After all, our parents live here, in our Autonomy. Our grandparents worked here, and they earned the right to receive decent pensions and other guarantees from the state. We believe in you. We rely on you. Together we will develop our region and our country,” said Irina Vlah.