Business-Forum with Askon Group
08 Jun 2021

Business-Forum with Askon Group

04/06/2021 within the framework of the visit to the Republic of Moldova of the Turkish business association ASKON, Invest Gagauzia organized a Business Forum.

The purpose of the event was to establish cooperation between Turkish and Gagauz business representatives and inform them about the investment potential of autonomy.

This event was attended by representatives of the Executive Committee, Invest Gagauzia, Free Economic Zone "Valkanes" Production Park, the Agro Oguz Association, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gagauzia.

The event included a plenary session and B2B sessions.

Natalia Cojocar, Director of Investment and Export Promotion Agency of ATU Gagauzia, noted the importance of developing ties between Turkish and Gagauz businesses, outlined incentives and preferential conditions for investing in autonomy for representatives of Turkish business.

Head of the Main Department of the agro-industrial complex, Dimitroglo Andrei, made a presentation on the potential of the agricultural sector of Gagauzia and noted the state and regional programs for subsidizing the agricultural sector.

Director of FEZ "Valkanesh" Mihail Shalvir, in his speech, noted the preferential incentives for placement in the free economic zone, informing residents about all the conditions.

Mihail Pashali, Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gagauzia, spoke about the activities and business support from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gagauzia and announced the dynamics of export-import operations of economic agents represented in the region.

The chairman of the Agro-Oguz Association Ivan Skrelya in his speech spoke about the measures to support the agricultural business in the country and the region, noted the current situation in the dynamics of crops grown.


More than 30 entrepreneurs from Gagauzia held business negotiations B2B to establish ties and create sustainable partnerships.