A new investment project
11 Aug 2022

A new investment project

A new investment project has started in Gagauzia.

This year, an investment project in the field of electricity generation from alternative sources begins its implementation in the village of Dezginja.

Since 2021, the Investment Promotion and Export Promotion Agency of ATU Gagauzia has provided full support to this company. Having researched all the conditions for the implementation of the investment project, several locations for production were proposed. Thanks to the openness and efficiency of decision-making, the mayor and the village council of Dezginja were able to provide the necessary platform.

The company, with its registered office in the village of Dezginja, has already begun the installation of solar panels in the proposed area. Thanks to the implementation of this project, a new enterprise was opened in Gagauzia, which creates additional jobs and replenishes the regional and local budgets.