Bashkan of Gagauzia met with delegation of scientists from Turkey and Macedonia

The delegation of professors, scientists, rectors of higher educational institutions from the Turkic-speaking countries is in Gagauzia within the framework of the 15th congress of the Turkic world on social sciences.

With guests, among which are the rectors of several universities from Turkey and Macedonia, held a meeting of the bashkan of Gagauzia, Irina Vlach and chairman of the National Assembly Vladimir Kyssa.

250 people take part in the congress on social sciences, which takes place in Comrat State University. The largest delegation from Turkey – about 150 students and teachers, the rector of the KSU Sergey Zakharia informed the autonomy administration.

The Bashkan of Gagauzia thanked the representatives of the scientific circles of the Republic of Turkey for organizing and holding the congress in the autonomy. According to the Bashkan, the event of this level gives credibility to Comrat State University and gives a new impetus to the development of science in Gagauzia.

The head of the autonomy also informed the guests about the visit to the Republic of Turkey.

One of the official meetings during the visit was devoted to the support of the education system in Gagauzia regarding the publication of new textbooks and manuals on the Gagauz language.

In this context, the Bashkan hoped that the contacts established between the KSU and the Mari Maruevich Scientific Research Center with the scientific circles of the Turkic world will enable them to exchange experiences and implement joint projects in the education system.

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